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Susan Thomas of Georgia Tech Research Corporation will receive $450,000 in breast cancer research funding.
OCI has developed a method to detect ovarian cancer that is highly accurate in patients with Stage 1 disease.
Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology are using unique identifying number principles to track cells being sorted on microfluidic chips.
McDonald's work in developing a test for early-stage ovarian cancer profiled on 90.1 WABE.
Fox 5 Medical Team: McDonald research could be game changer in the battle against ovarian cancer.
Tech collaborates with Ovarian Cancer Institute on procedure for early detection.
Georgia Tech researchers close to developing super accurate screening test for ovarian cancer.
A new study has produced a set of biomarkers that may enable development of an accurate ovarian cancer screening test.
New research by Georgia Tech scientists underscores importance of gene regulation


Integrated Cancer Research Center Seminar
"Resveratrol Contrast Cancer Cell Invasion through Induction of Autophagy: Mechanisms and...
Petit Institute, Room 1128 - Georgia Tech
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Integrated Cancer Research Center Symposium
Recent Advances in Cancer Nanotechnology: From Diagnostics to Therapeutics
Engineered Biosystems Building (EBB), Room 1005
8:15 am - 3:30 pm