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Benedict Benigo, MD

Founder and CEO
Director of Gynecologic Oncology at Northside Hospital in Atlanta, GA
Ovarian Cancer Institute
Research Interests

Benigno received his M.D. degree from the Georgetown University School of Medicine and completed his residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at St. Vincent's Hospital and Medical Center in New York City. He completed two fellowships in gynecologic oncology, one at the Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta and the other at the M.D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute in Houston. He was a visiting professor at the University of Saigon for three years during the War in Vietnam where he set up a residency training program for young Vietnamese surgeons. From 1974 to 1982, he was on the faculty at the Emory University School of Medicine where he was the Director of Gynecologic Oncology at Emory Hospital and at Grady Memorial Hospital. Following his departure from Emory, he founded University Gynecologic Oncology (UGO). UGO is one of the world leaders in oncology care for women with cancer of the female reproductive tract. He also serves as the Director of Gynecologic Oncology at Northside Hospital. Dr. Benigno has published numerous articles and textbook chapters and speaks regularly on various aspects of gynecologic cancer. In 2008, he brought the technique of heated intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) to Northside Hospital where it has become routine in the treatment of patients with ovarian cancer. Because the five year survival rate in patients with advanced cancer of the ovary has not improved significantly in the last 25 years, Dr. Benigno founded the Ovarian Cancer Institute (OCI) in 1999 and continues to serve as its Chief Executive Officer.