Cancer touches all our lives. Joining in the fight against cancer, Georgia Tech is leading the development of transformative innovations to better predict, diagnose and treat cancer more safely, with fewer side effects, to benefit more patients. Cancer research at Georgia Tech is revealing populations more or uniquely suspectable to disease, environmental determinants of disease and outcomes, and identifying new therapeutic and diagnostic paradigms. Georgia Tech’s research and technology innovations are helping cancer clinicians better treat each patient as a unique individual, engage and serve all communities, and reduce cancer incidence or increase health after treatment. We partner with hospitals and research centers in the Atlanta area, throughout Georgia and the nation, as well as the world, bridging Georgia Tech’s world-renowned culture of technology innovation to global cancer care and research.


At Georgia Tech’s Cancer Technology and Research Center, technology is the engine that drives us towards eliminating cancer’s health burden in society.

Help GT’s CTRC achieve its goal.